Lois and Bill Queen Visit

Bill and Lois Queen visited Hardy Hill on 7/12-15/2008. During their visit we explored Burke's Garden, a beautiful valley full of large prosperous farms, surrounded by mountains on all sides. We stopped at an old church and cemetery, ate lunch at their country store, and took a short walk on the Appalachian Trail which crosses the valley.  Then we drove over the beautiful gravel mountain road to Ceres, and  home via Big Walker Lookout. Bill also kindly spent almost an entire day helping us do a large number of electrical projects we had pending: including: installing several outside outlets (where we had dangerous live wires dangling), rewiring a mind boggling 4 way x 3 way x 3 way light switch, balancing a 5 bladed fan, replacing a bad light switch, and replacing several broken switch and outlet covers. When they left they politely stated that they enjoyed the visit despite us making them go shopping (for electrical parts) and work all day.