Penley Reunion July 19th 2008

The 2008 Penley Family Reunion was held July 19 at the cabin home of Ann Hardy and Elmer Beardshall in the Little Creek section of Bland County, VA. The attendees are the descendents of Way and Agnes Penley.

John Starnes ("Buddy") Penley and Margaret Thompson Penley were well represented by his daughters and their children at the Reunion. From this branch of the family tree came Martha Byrnes Penley Umberger and her husband Ned Umberger from Wythe County, VA; Jean Hoge Penley Harman and her husband David Harman from Floyd County, VA; Dorothy (Dot) Starnes Penley Dickens and her husband Wade Dickens from Florence, SC. Sadly, Molly Ellen Thompson and Jerry Thompson from Bland, VA were unable to attend.

Buddy and Margaret's grandchildren and great grandchildren attending the Penley Family Reunion in 2008 were Sharon Harman Whalen (Jean's daughter) and her children, Justin, Katie, and Matthew from Hickory NC; Ellen Harman (Jean's daughter) Mukai and her husband, Mike, and son, Thomas from Manassas, VA; Laura Harman (Jean's daughter) Le Roy and her husband, Tyson Le Roy from Raleigh, NC. Mary Margaret Dickens (Dot's daughter) from Florence, SC; and Erin Thompson (Molly's daughter) and her friend Steve from Roanoke, VA.

Helen Penley Hardy and Sam Hardy, Sr. were represented by daughers, Elizabeth (Betty) Way Hardy Hubble and her husband David Hubble from Pittsburgh, PA; Ann Howell Hardy Beardshall and her husband, Elmer Beardshall from Hattiesburg, MS and Bland County, VA; and, son, Sam L. Hardy, Jr. and his wife Mercedes Hardy from Roanoke VA.

Helen and Sam's grandchildren and great grandchildren attending the Penley Family Reunion in 2008 were Mark Hubble (Betty's son) and his friend Laurie Lach from Columbus, OH; Greg Hubble (Betty's son) and his wife Colleen and son Nathan from Rineyville, KY; Linsley Beardshall Michael (Ann's daughter) and her children, John Ryan and Anna from Norcross, GA; Kim Hardy (Sam's daughter) and her friend, Matt Lombard from Roanoke, VA; Lisa Hirshorn (Sam's daughter) and her husband Marc Hirshorn and daughters Lauren and Emily from Roanoke, VA; Jenny Boush (Sam's daughter) and her husband, David Boush and children Alexis and Luke from Roanoke. 

Everyone brought an ice chest, ice, chairs, and a dish to share with all. KFC Chicken, a UCrops country ham, drinks, and paper supplies were brought by special volunteers. Betty and David Hubble came several days early to help set up and brought extra tables.

Activities included much talk, eating, games, bike riding, a hike in the national forest and wade in Little Creek for the older kids, eating, an exciting wade in the creek (many crawdads and fish!) for the younger kids, eating, poker, and dessert.

The weather cooperated with a bright sunny day and not too awful hot. It was great fun and we hope to see everyone (and a few absentees who played hookey from this one) at the next reunion in 2010. Maybe even Molly Penley Thompson will come!


There are lots of pictures of the reunion. Rather than organize them in any logical order (creek, shower, poker, etc.) we have placed them in albums by photographer, so you need to look at all of them to see the pictures you are in. Many thanks to David Hubble, Kim, and Wade for documenting the event. Also see Running Bear's